Study: Under 35s Like to Social Network After Sex

NEW YORK—A new survey of social networking trends by shopping website found that Millennials and some Gen Xers have a proclivity to post up to their social network of choice after having sex. In fact—or at least according to the study—36 percent of young folk post post-coital ditties.

“Moreover,” Retrevo states, “men are twice as likely to exhibit this behavior as women, and if you’re an iPhone owner you’re three times more likely to go social media after you-know-what than Blackberry owners.”

This is very interesting stuff, even if it’s complete hooey. Playing along, though, one assumes iPhone users are younger than Blackberry owners, who tend to be from the professional class—lawyers, politicians, businessmen and the like. So, if true, it makes sense that they would be hardwired to share their intimacies immediately. After all, don’t social networks exist to make actual what otherwise would simply happen? Can’t have that!

Still, one glimmer of good news from the study is that a larger percentage of Millenials still cuddle without having to share it with the world…immediately.

This holds true for activities other than sexual activity. “Post-sex wasn't the only time when this group found themselves addicted to social media,” Retrevo found. “Almost as many under-35s (34 percent) admitted to updating their favorite sites while on a date compared to 9 percent of those over 35. Additionally, 40 percent of under-35s said they did so while driving—stop texting and driving, fools!—and 65 percent said they updated while on vacation. The over-35 crowd seemed most comfortable updating while on vacation as well, with 41 percent of the group admitting to doing so.”

Using the term “addicted” is perhaps a tad extreme at this point in the social evolution of social networking, but like the word “porn” we all seem to be addicted to using it.

Is that thought worth a tweet? Wait, I’m over 35. Never mind.