Cam Girls From Studio 20 Discuss Originality

LOS ANGELES—Studio20 recently set out to find answers to a question often asked in live-camming circles: "How can girls still be original these days?"

The studio asked several of their #girlsfromstudio20 for their suggestions and decided to share their responses.

“You have to be unforgettable,” Ava Mistique says. “I know that I’m a sexual being and I’m aware of how I look, I know that I’m sexy and I ooze sex. But the reason is not the big boobs, the big ass or the foot play, it’s what I give them; it’s me. I make myself unforgettable by never trying to be like anybody else. I see a lot of women and cam models that get boob jobs, ass jobs, fake everything in the hopes that they’ll be unforgettable. They’re walking sticks. They don’t tell you anything. Me...I have my quirks, my craziness, the way I laugh, the way I sing along the lyrics with the singer. And that’s what people remember about me. It’s that, not the effin breast size. I’m trying to #educate people about that, about what makes us unforgettable as women. It’s our quirks.”

Ok, so to be original you need to be unforgettable. What else?

“Your body language says so much about you, you don’t even know it. I can wear whatever stupid outfit I want—it doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that says, 'fuck off,' I can make it look sexy," says Aubrey Novaa. "I can wear a long dress that you would’ve never thought it can be trashy and make it look like I’m a streetwalker. It’s all in the body movement. I see a lot of girls posing in the same way on Instagram, in their pics on LiveJasmin with their eyes constantly looking down, with those big lips and Instagram brows. I’m bored of those. I’m mostly smiling and choosing weird poses, depending on my mood, on my outfit, on the theme of the photoshoot.“

Novaa continues, ”Every year there’s a new trend: looking at the shoes, picture from behind, smile covered by hair, hand on the hip, both hands on the waist, etc, you know what I’m talking about. If you want to leave a mark, stop trying to look up pics of sexy poses on Pinterest. Why don’t you look in the mirror, see what outfit fits you best, try your best angles and let’s make beauty the new photo pose. I’m trying to #educate girls on how to stop trying to fit it. Stand out, take chances, don’t wear sexy lingerie just because you saw a girl wear it. Wear whatever you feel sexy in. I find myself feeling the sexiest when I wear a pair of shorts and a bra or a big fluffy sweater.”

Saemi Royal had her own insights about how to stand out from the rest.

“Being unforgettable and original is so simple: have that one thing that is yours," Royal says. "Even if we’re talking about a scent, about the shape of your nails, about your eyeliner, about the way you play with your hair, make sure you have something that’s you. Yes, there’s a big chance that a lot of women will have almond-shaped nails but they’re not you. If those nails fit you, they’re you. Being original is making yourself hard to forget." 

Pictured: Saemi Royal