Stoya Takes a Bullet To The Chest for New WoodRocket Series

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.—There are many people in this world that claim they will try anything once. But alas, they rarely ever do. Unless those people are Stoya, the adult film star, writer, aerialist, and cat enthusiast. Then they (Stoya) try everything for the new original series, Stoya Does Everything.

From the website that brought you the web series James Deen Loves Food and Game of Bones, comes a brand spankin' new series that showcases the many funny, provocative, sometimes dangerous, and sometimes naked adventures of the young woman the Village Voice dubbed “The Prettiest Girl in New York.”

As a popular adult film star, Stoya has appeared in many scenes. As a writer, she has written for Vice, Esquire, and Homme+. And as an adventurous spirit, she has bravely put her trust in's digital hairy palms for the web series Stoya Does Everything. In each episode our hostess experiences something new and interesting and hot and hilarious. Stoya shoots guns, goes ghost hunting, plays in lingerie with kittens, tries to be a wrestler, tests out edible lubes, and more. Stoya does everything!

Even the music on Stoya Does Everything is worth a listen. Her theme song is “(I Can't Handle) Moderation” by the incredible Danko Jones.

Stoya Does Everything debuted yesterday on, with the first episode, “Guns.” In this episode, Stoya gets sexy, patriotic—and a bullet to the chest! Catch all of the excitement of this premier episode and check back with for more free episodes.

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