Storm Media Launches High-Definition Affiliate Program

Affiliate network owner and content publisher Storm Media has announced the introduction of six high-definition pay sites, set to operate under a new accompanying affiliate program,

"With the high-definition format war finally over, I believe the growth of the high-definition market will rapidly increase," explained Becky of Storm Media. "The adult entertainment market will not be excluded from this growth and HD Pays is in a unique position to take advantage of this growth."

All high-definition sites operating under the HD Pays umbrella contain new, exclusive video content with a gonzo, reality flavor.

HD Pays offers 50 percent revshare, with no processing fees or chargeback and refund deductions, 10 percent affiliate referral program, high-quality site designs and content production, and weekly updated promotional materials.

"I'm excited about the future of HD Pays," Becky continued. "I plan to keep the site offering small so I can focus on providing a better product for members to keep them as paying customers. This will ensure a much higher revenue potential for all affiliates."

HD Pays will be exhibiting in Sky Box 6 at Internext 2009 in Las Vegas. 

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