Startup Midnite Videos to Offer High Def VoD

PRESS RELEASE — New company Midnite Videos is gearing up for the launch of its site,, which will present adult movies in high definition, plus offer clearer video and better downloads for video on demand.

"We have high definition movies, and stream in high definition," said Tory Labarbera, marketing and sales director for Midnite Videos. "We can also take movies that are not in HD DVD format and give them a high definition quality. The quality of the video stream is excellent, everything that I've played buffers really fast with no interruptions."

Some of the biggest adult studios have signed up. Adam & Eve Pictures, Wicked Pictures, Metro Interactive, Pleasure Productions, Woodman Entertainment, Sin City and Red Light District are on board.

Making Midnite Videos especially appealing to studios is its real time statistics program, Midnite Dollars. Producers directly log in to immediately see how much money has been made, and how many people are watching specific titles at that moment. There is also the option to pull a title for any reason, at any time. By signing up, companies get a real count and a real dollar amount of how their movies do.

"Midnite Dollars has been very popular," Labarbera noted. "All the studios I've shown it to really liked it and were impressed. We brought a working, real-time demonstration to studio offices such as Wicked Pictures and made a very good impression."

The official date to launch is midnight, June 21st, 2008.

To partner with Midnite Videos, contact Tory Labarbera at [email protected] or 718-945-5437.