Spanish ISPs and Copyright Holders at Impasse

BARCELONA – Talks between Spanish Internet Providers and groups representing copyright holders over anti-piracy measures have stalled, despite a government mandate for an agreement.

Rights organizations want Spanish ISPs to offset alleged revenue losses due to piracy in the form of illegal file sharing by imposing a surcharge on customer accounts, along with  demands that accused infringers be cut off, reports Torrent Freak.

Representing the the Coation of Creators, part of General Society of Authors and Publishers, group president Eduardo Bautista, said on the site eweekeurope it was the "civic duty" of ISPs to cooperate with intellectual property owners.

Bautista's assertion did not sit well with Spanish ISPs, telecoms and mobile operators such as Ono, Orange, Telefónica, and Vodafone, which called in to question the difference between actual civic obligations and meeting the agendas of private entertainment firms and performers  The ISPs also immediately balked at the demand for a blanket user surcharge as well as cuts-offs via allegations rather than hard evidence.
Now, each side will present separate proposals to the government for consideration, leaving officials to hammer out some sort of compromise.  Meanwhile, Internet rights groups and consumer bodies have voiced protest over not being included in the talks.