Spam Bots Hit Twitter Disguised as Sexy Pic Profiles

SAN FRANCISC—Spam Bot operators are using sexed-up and racy photos on Twitter in an attempt to lead horny tweeters to adult dating and chat sites, according to Sophos security.

"Spammers have created scores of bogus profiles and followed random users en mass," wrote Sophos security expert Graham Cluley in a Thursday blog post, reports InternetNews. "Each of the profiles has a sexy picture of a young woman, complete with a message from the spammer embedded inside the image."

"Trust me, the image I've included below is much cleaner than many of the other ones being used by the spammers," Cluley said. "Some of the photos you definitely wouldn't want to share with your mother-in-law."

Profile pics of big-boobed, lusty-lipped, cooing women already looked mighty suspicious, and then Cluley responded one of the bots, which led to an MSN chat where he said it became quite obvious it was a bot with automatic responses, attempting to obtain his credit card info for a so-called "free" porn chat service.

According to Cluley, and also Google and Message Labs as well, bot spammers circumvent Twitter's filters with image spam. Twitter has yet to comment on the identifcation of the bots.