Picks Up Julie Simone as Columnist

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Fetish-oriented networking site Social Kink has signed fetish model and filmmaker Julie Simone as a featured writer. 

Simone, also a published photographer, joins fetish aficionado Midori as a columnist for Social Kink. 

Simone is well known in the kink community, where her primary expertise is rope rigging. She owns Julie Simone Productions, for which she writes, shoots, directs and edits movies, one of which won an AVN Award in 2006. 

"Julie Simone has had her hands in all aspects of the BDSM and fetish adult industry," said Ms. Nikki Nefarious, webmaster of Social Kink. "From her years as a fetish model, actress and photographer, she is now a writer, director and editor for Julie Simone Productions, Gwen Media and Abigail Productions. Julie Simone is a real Jane of all trades, and Social Kink is proud to introduce her as a featured columnist, where she will pass on her industry knowledge to inquiring minds." 

Simone will make monthly contributions to Social Kink's section of articles by knowledgeable "kinksters." Her first column focuses on the importance of negotiation and contracts in BDSM play. 

Simone's columns are posted in the "Exclusives" section of Social Kink and in the blog in her profile.