Smaller Can Be Better

Amateur Allure is the epitome of "The Little Site That Could." While the online adult industry is filled with stories of programs that experienced massive and unchecked growth month after month, Amateur Allure steadily rolled along with a dedicated subscription base, doing what it had always done best: providing good, quality content.

 "I've just always kept things to where I was shooting content that I liked," explained Thomas, the star and shooter for the site. "I knew if I liked it, there had to be someone else who would like it, too."

Thomas hails from the Northeast and was formerly employed as a laborer. But after spending time and money searching for an adult website that could meet his needs, he finally decided it would be easier to start his own.

"After years of surfing porn sites and being constantly disappointed by ugly chicks, poor quality video and, most of all, girls who suck but don't swallow, I decided I had only one choice: Build my own site. This is it, Amateur Allure," he proclaims on the site.

The concept was simple: An average, everyday guy gets mind-blowing blowjobs from and has sex with beautiful women.

The program saw success almost immediately, especially with guys who shared the same fantasies as Thomas.

"I'm just an average guy," he said. "I never could have imagined that I would end up doing this, or being so lucky as to have this chance. I get to have sex with beautiful women and live out the fantasies."

While Amateur Allure has been around for years now, there are still many -- even in the industry - who might not be familiar with the site and its affiliate program, Allure Cash.

That's OK with Thomas, who handles most everything himself. He's not in the business to let everything get out of proportion: He enjoys being able to handle all aspects of his business himself, from working as on-screen male talent to monitoring stats behind the scenes. Being such a small operation makes him ultimately responsible for the successes and failure, and the successes have so far truly outweighed any setbacks.

The key to the success, he said, is the quality of the material, as well as the consistency. Each weekly update features Thomas and a "girl-next-door" in a real setting.

The camera work is all handled by Thomas, which was not always an easy task. Through trial and error, he was able to create his own system that uses a halo effect of light to create the signature look of Amateur Allure content. Also, there are the signature camera moves of Thomas, where the camera will sweep down behind the girl as she is in mid-performance. The moves show angles Thomas said he always wished he saw in other shooters' content, but never did.

But it's not always easy being a one-man show, he admitted. It can get a little awkward at times, being the performer and the shooter of content for the site. And to get the angles and style he wanted, there were times Thomas had to get a little inventive.

To accomplish that, he developed his own lighting system, which brightens the girls' faces and enhances to their innocent appeal. Though it might be easy to consider Amateur Allure a simple, amateur blowjob site, it's really much more than that. While Amateur Allure does features content that can be a little down and dirty in nature -- Thomas' real trademark is releasing in a girl's mouth and then getting her to show it off on her tongue for the camera --  there a real sweetness to everything. Thomas features interviews with the girls before the action begins, getting them to tell a little about themselves and show off their finer physical attributes.

"It's more than just a straight scene," Thomas said. "I love women and I respect them. I treat them the way I was raised to treat women. It's just how I am."

It's the realness, that sincerity that comes through in the content and makes Amateur Allure what it is: a "sweet" site that shows --  if the attention to detail is there -- smaller can be better.


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