SkinVideo Now Compatible With iPhone, iPod Touch

SAN FRANCISCO - SkinVideo, a provider of downloadable amateur, kink and fetish videos, has announced it is completely compatible with the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. 

The added compatibility will make SkinVideo content more accessible to surfers on the go and allow members to access their favorites or discover new content by browsing niche categories and tags. 

"The people behind SkinVideo are engineers, dreamers, gadget lovers and taste makers," Kathleen Morford, vice president of marketing told AVN Online . "We've been in the online adult space for over 10 years, and are committed to creating the most compelling, cutting-edge experience for porn enthusiasts." 

SkinVideo offers members unlimited access to 10 terabytes of content that is updated hourly. Morford said the company plans to add "amazing new functionality in the next few months."

SkinVideo also provides video in Sony PSP and Apple iPod formats. 

"College level porn consumers have been carrying their porn collection on their smart phone, PSP, and video iPod for years," Morford added. "If you plan on tapping into that market, you have to consider the new trends and lifestyle accommodations of these future members. When there's a crowd of 19-year-olds huddling in a dorm room over someone's iPhone to watch a midget gangbang video, I want it to be from SkinVideo. We plan to stay a few steps ahead of the curve when it comes to technological improvements. We're all geeky gadget lovers over here. Half of our engineers had iPhones the day they came out on the market and we're proud to offer iPhone compatibility to We're loading pretty fast." 

For more information, visit or contact Kathleen Morford at [email protected].