SiN2.0 Podcast Covers Domains With

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - SiN2.0, a social media resource for the adult industry, has released the second half of a podcast interview covering domain ownership, asset development and resale valuation.


The interview features Victor Pitts, vice president of sales and client services for Moniker, a leading provider of domain-name registration, management and monetization services.


The one-hour interview is divided into two episodes. The first episode focuses mainly on the best practices for safely buying developed domains, and the second episode covers how to sell websites while maximizing profit.


"Domain names represent a finite resource and are the equivalent to brokering Internet real estate," said Jason B. Hart, producer and host of the podcast. "There is serious potential for profit, but only if you know what you're doing."


Moniker is known for brokering sales of more than $20 million in adult-themed domains such as The company is considered the foremost expert on domain valuation and resale. 


The interview with Pitts is part of a series of interviews with adult-industry leaders.


The "Adult Webmaster Podcast" is available in streaming or downloadable formats at Registered users are encouraged to comment and discuss the podcast on SiN2.0's message boards.