SiN2.0 Founders to Hit Playboy Radio’s ‘Night Calls’

SILICON VALLEY, Calif. - SiN2.0 founders Jason B. Hart and Gabriel Carrejo will be guests on Playboy Radio's signature call-in show "Night Calls" from 4 to 7 p.m. PST Wednesday on Sirus Satellite Radio. 


The guest spot on the radio show, which is hosted by adult-industry legends Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn, will introduce SiN2.0 as a resource for information on the adult industry and focus on the power of social media sites.


"SiN2.0 is the world's first social media site for all things dealing with sex," Carrejo told AVN Online. "The same way YouTube changed online video and MySpace changed social networking, SiN2.0 changes the way individuals socially interact and discover information concerning sex. The nature of the website gives business owners, marketers and experts the ability to reach very specific audiences or very broad audiences with a few clicks of the mouse."   


Carrejo said he is excited about being a guest on the show he listens to "religiously," especially since it is hosted by two of his all-time favorite adult starlets.


"Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn are amazing and have an amazing relationship with their audience," he said. "We are extremely fortunate to have this opportunity to introduce SiN2.0 to them and turn them into SINNERS!"


Carrejo said he and Hart joined forces after meeting at a start-up convention.


"I was fascinated by the ‘social' aspect of media today, from American Idol to MySpace and YouTube, and Jason said he had this idea for SiN2.0, which was right in line with that," Carrejo said. "We saw an opportunity to give the people, our SINNERS, a voice and to provide a platform for peer-to-peer information exchange for all things surrounding sex. With the increasing commoditization of the adult-content industry and the history of early adoption, we launched SiN2.0 and brought true social media to the adult arena.


"We are lining up our guest list for our SiNterviews featuring industry leaders and experts from all corners of the adult industry. I want to make it as interactive as possible so we get answers that people want, not what we think they want to hear. ... Besides being an information resource for webmasters, sex-related business owners and fans, we serve a mainstream audience that a lot of sites and businesses still can't reach."