Silvercash Presents New NATS Powered Platform

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Price Communications' affiliate program Silvercash has announced the addition of Too Much Media's NATS third party affiliate backend solution.

"We felt the integration of the NATS affiliate tracking system into our program allows our affiliates to work with our team to be more efficient and profitable in the current market environment," JohnV., the new director of operations and business development told AVN Online. "Affiliates needn't worry about swapping out their old links because they will be redirected through the new NATS powered system." 

In addition to the all-new NATS powered platform, Silvercash has delivered five entirely new exclusive sites mastered in high-definition. They have also introduced a $1 trial program, an extensive network of merchant account banking solutions and processing options that focus on international payment solutions. Along with a dialer solution that pays 50 percent to the affiliate and a new Content Delivery Network, Silvercash just invested close to $1 million dollars in infrastructure upgrades which includes new servers and a data center. 

"We're excited to offer our affiliates what they've been asking for, as well as some additional new features," Silvercash president and CEO Mike Price said. "With this latest round of new features, we've created the Silvercash that we've all been asking for and looking forward to. It's our intention to be as proactive as possible from this point forward in regard to the needs and desires of our affiliates."

For more information, visit the Silvercash website.