Silvercash Jake Promoted to Director of Sales and Affiliate Traffic Management

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Price Communications, parent company of Silvercash, announced Friday the promotion of Silvercash Jake to director of sales and affiliate traffic management.

Effective immediately, Silvercash Jake will oversee the sales management for the Price Communications team, including, Silver Sinema,, and He will continue to report to Vice President of Business Development Silvercash Albert.

"Every day is a constant challenge for our team to be more effective, innovative, better market researchers and understanding that profit centered decisions are paramount," Silvercash Jake told AVN Online. "The most significant difference from the time I entered this industry and now is that one cannot operate a sophisticated operation like Price Communications if you don't treat your entity as a true business." 

In addition to bringing six years of industry experience to the company, Silvercash Jake has successfully proven to be a specialized and highly respected senior manager within the Price Communications organization. 

"Jake is a performer," Silvercash Albert explained to AVN Online. "Jake is trustworthy and maybe one the most underrated minds in the entire industry.  When Jake showed interest in joining over a year ago, I was absolutely thrilled to have him join our team. Jake has been the perfect fit."

The Price Communications corporate entity has shifted its management philosophy to adapt to the changing market and the demands of the webmaster and consumer.  

Silvercash Jake's principal focus will surround corporate media buys and internal traffic channels; as well as managing the affiliate traffic network and the sales team and its respective traffic entities. With the changing webmaster market and the operational duties that are associated with owning, operating and managing subscription based membership pay sites, Silvercash Jake will be spearheading a "retooled" model, along with new initiatives in generating internal traffic.  

"Entering our 12th year of operations, we find ourselves in an environment that has been the most challenging to date," President and CEO Mike Price said. "There are a number of reasons one can hypothesize about the current state of the market. However, I am confident that there is one component of the solution we can all agree on - the need for trustworthy leaders and managers are in high demand. Team players like Silvercash Jake are proven contributors to our team and I certainly value his efforts. More importantly, as a team, we have a cohesive corporate culture that allows us to be competitive, but truly have fun at the same time."

Additionally, Silvercash Jake will be the main contact for and the recently acquired 

For further information, visit the Silvercash  website or contact [email protected].