SilverCash Hires New Sales-Account Manager

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - SilverCash (SC) announced Monday that it has hired SC Toni as a sales-account manager. In her new position, SC Toni will oversee account management and webmaster support.


Chief Executive Officer Mike Price predicted that SC Toni's background in administration and information technology will make her an asset.


"Our greatest assets are in our human investments, and having Toni on board only strengthens our long-term success," he said. "We are confident that her diverse skill set will be a huge aid to us in the increasingly competitive adult industry, where new affiliate companies seem to be popping up almost daily."


SilverCash Albert, vice president of business development, said SC Toni's mainstream management experience also helps.


"Her skills are an asset that will benefit the entire team and allow her to make a successful transition," he said. "We expect she will have an immediate impact on improving overall sales and webmaster-account management for our organization."