Silvercash Hires New Director of Operations and Business Development

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Price Communications, parent company of Silvercash, has announced the hire of its newest team member, Silvercash John, formerly John V of Adult Revenue Service.   Effective immediately, Silvercash John will serve as the new director of operations and business development.

"I am confident and absolutely thrilled to be a part of something special," Silvercash John told AVN Online. "The entire management team has been welcoming and the sense of leadership vision, trust and innovation are qualities that I personally feel are mandatory to compete in this market - in the short time I have been with their team, the entire operation embodies these features." 

Silvercash John is a welcomed addition to the Price Communications team, Vice President of Business Development Silvercash Albert told AVN Online.

Silvercash John brings six-plus years of industry experience and a wealth of mainstream and gaming knowledge.

"Additionally, John has a BS from Bentley College in Boston and an MBA," Silvercash Albert said. "John is a specialized senior manager with proven industry performance in affiliate management, marketing, operations, business development and corporate strategy."

Silvercash John will report directly to Silvercash Albert and will be overseeing a number of new initiatives, which also involve a focus on retooling the model. These new initiatives are scheduled to be released by January 2009 to complement the existing Price Communications corporate infrastructure of entities. 

"John and I have worked together as affiliate partners for a number of years for our respective organizations," Silvercash Albert added. "He operates with integrity, solid professionalism and honesty. Having the opportunity to work along with John is a blessing and our entire team is grateful to have him contribute to our ongoing momentum and success in a meaningful manner." 

Silvercash John is expected to make a direct impact on the Price Communications team immediately. 

"With the changing market, increase in competition, abundance of free content and the overall evolution of payment processing our new vision is to expand our operational versatility to compete in every affiliate market, provide solid internal traffic strategies, offer innovative webmaster tools and minimize costs without sacrificing quality in any component of our business model," President and CEO Mike Price told AVN Online. "This management philosophy was the precursor to facilitate and secure Silvercash John to be an attractive fit to the Price Communications team."

Silvercash John said he feels Price's legacy and professionalism speaks volumes in the respect he receives and deservedly justifies.

"Working intimately with Price is exciting and motivating due to his innovation and creativity in the market over the last 12 years of operation," he said. "Along with the advancements of the Silver Sinema division, I will be exposed to a new component of the adult space and look forward to building the entire brand as a specialized marketer."

Price Communications is the parent company of leading affiliate program Silvercash, Silver Sinema,, and

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