Silver Sinema Appoints SilverCash Albert to VP

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Silver Sinema DVD has appointed Silvercash Albert as Vice President of Business Development for Silver Sinema and webmaster affiliate program Silvercash. Silvercash is a leading affiliate program in the online adult industry. The company has 85 websites, multiple payout options and boasts sustained growth since 1997. Distributed by Pure Play Media, Silver Sinema is the internet company's first venture outside the online realm.

SC Albert joined the Silvercash executive management team in August 2007. With an active Masters in Business and Administration, 12 years of corporate management experience and 5 years of industry executive management experience, his contributions have been integral to the ongoing success of the Silvercash Affiliate Program and the recent launch of Silver Sinema.

"The Silver Sinema business model requires a strategic plan and leaders with vision," said Silvercash President and CEO Mike Price. "This vision includes knowing the DVD market is hyper-competitive and the window for opportunity is also a calculated risk. I am confident that our team and Albert's management is a good fit to address the required leadership for Silver Sinema to be successful."

SC Albert is the main point of contact for all Silver Sinema business, including all operational and marketing duties. In addition, he will facilitate all communications between Pure Play Media Distribution and all relevant third-party partners in the DVD venture. He will concurrently continue his duties with the Silvercash affiliate program with his new Silver Sinema duties.

Silver Sinema is a premium line of DVD adult content specializing in High Definition hardcore content in both the straight and gay markets. The company will provide niche-specific and reality-based DVD lines to enhance the Pure Play Media distribution portfolio.

The first Silver Sinema DVD titles are scheduled to be released in May 2007.