Offers $40,000 in Cash Prizes for the First Ever Sweded Nude Video Competition

Raunchy free porn tube site Shufuni has launched the first ever online Sweded Nude Video Competition. Sweded videos surround amateur recreations of popular movies and television shows recorded on a camcorder with a very limited budget. 

The competition runs from September through the end of December 2008 on the Shufuni website. The contest invites members and Web surfers with a sexy sense of humor to have a little fun by submitting their own nude Sweded video.

"We are very excited about this new competition for our users," a spokesperson for Shufuni said. "At Shufuni we obviously like to do things a little different. Our Sweded movies are going to be nude and sexy to allow people to explore their fantasies and imaginations, while bringing our community the hottest experience possible."

The people at Shufuni are looking forward to seeing creative versions of what really happened in Bill Clinton's Oval Office that fateful day, a nude Chorus Line and at least one Sweded version of the Empire Strikes Back.

"This type of user-generated content is not just about homemade porn," the spokesperson said. "It's intelligent and crafty and encourages our members to really get involved in our online community."

The winning video will be chosen by other Shufuni members and will offer the winner a cash prize of $25,000.  The 2nd place video wins $10,000 and the third place video wins $5,000. Shufuni is also giving away an additional $6,000 in $1,000 denominations for each of the winning videos from six Sweded video categories, including Musicals, Historical Events, television shows and Bible stories.

Thanks to the popularity of Jack Black's 2008 movie Be Kind, Rewind, Sweded videos are becoming an Internet sensation. Shufuni is the first tube site to encourage its users to create their own Sweded videos for public display and the site expects a charged response.

Visit the Shufuni website to get official rules on the Shufuni Sweded Nude Video Competition or for any other information.