Shane's World Online Relaunches

Shane's World Online Relaunches

Redesign took 18 months, company says.


By Sherri L. Shaulis


CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Shane's World, home of true reality content - launched its brand new flagship website, Shane's World Online, and its corresponding cash program Shane's World Cash today.


The website facelift, overseen by Airek, "special agent in charge of stuff" for Shane's World and Hush Hush Entertainment, took 18 months and totally revamped the site's previous 1990s appearance.


"Typically, I can get a project like this up and running in six to nine months, turnkey," Airek said. "I was planning on moving on to my next project by October 2007. Long story short, for one reason or another, not under my control, here we are 18 months later with a beauty of a program and business model."


Airek said the revamp has been a long time coming and eagerly awaited by many people in the online adult industry. Several webmaster boards have buzzed about the relaunch and changes.


The new site has plenty of features to "blow people away," Airek said, but the most interesting thing may be the site's "back-to-basics" approach.


"I am taking this program back to the basics, which is making money," he said. "In my personal opinion and experience, you can create foo-foo tools all day long, but in the end, if people are not using them and its all fluff, have you really gotten any further than you were? With the new Shane's World Cash, I am taking people back to the basics."


According to Airek, the most popular and most used tools are free hosted galleries, RSS feeds and embedded Flash videos with viral affiliate codes. Other tools are available, he said, "but we are targeting what really goes out there and makes the money."


In addition to the tools for webmasters, the new content and look are sure to bring in surfers, Airek said.


"What I think is going to blow people away most is what we've done with the tour and front side of the model," he said. "We've essentially turned the surfer into a soldier for the affiliate. Every one of the Shane's World teaser videos on the Shane's World Online tour is a soldier ready to march across the Internet carrying the affiliate's referral code.


"These videos are taken from the tour by our own encouragement as embeddable Flash movies by the surfer. They will then be posted all over the Internet and pass the originating affiliate's reference ID wherever they go."


The site also has more of a "personal touch," Airek said, referring to how the site has models "pop" from the windows and talk directly to surfers, enticing them to visit the sites.


"This is very much a hybrid model, and no one is doing anything like it - yet," he said. "We have taken those consumer expectations and created trailers for the tour that are conducive with what they want, which is long videos. Except on my tour, you can't get your rocks off. You gotta come inside for that.


"Our members' area is gorgeous. It looks like a tube but offers all the amenities of a static members' area."


For more information, visit or email Airek at [email protected] or [email protected].