SexSearch Appeal Slotted for Oral Argument

LOS ANGELES - The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit this week scheduled an oral argument in Doe v. SexSearch for Oct. 24 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

After a dismal defeat in the U.S. District Court last August, John Doe appealed to the

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Lead counsel for dating site SexSearch, Gary Jay Kaufman of the Kaufman Law Group, told AVN Online that he is confident that the Sixth Circuit will affirm the District Court's dismissal of John Doe's frivolous lawsuit.

The original lawsuit, filed in August 2007, accused SexSeach and other adult online companies of failing to verify the ages of their members.

"This is the final step in putting an end to this shakedown and vindicating not only SexSearch's position, but Congress' as well," Kaufman explained. "Only one person in the world had the responsibility to verify that girl's age and it was John Doe. I expect the Sixth Circuit to agree."

SexSearch's brief urges the court to deny John Doe's appeal and affirm Ohio District Court Judge Jack Zouhary's dismissal of John Doe's meritless lawsuit.

In the brief, SexSearch argues that, "Once again, [John Doe] has loaded both barrels and taken aim at sound case law and unambiguous statutory authority . . . his aim remains woefully off the mark."

For more information, visit the Kaufman Law Group website.