SexEntertain Targets Economic Stimulus Checks

LOS ANGELES - SexEntertain plans to help the U.S. economy by offering a deal to webmasters who use their economic stimulus checks from the government to buy the company's leased feeds.


"The government is going to be sending out millions of stimulus checks in the coming weeks in an attempt to rescue the economy," said Mike M., a co-owner of SexEntertain. "We just want to do our part by offering a special discount to anyone that uses their check to lease our feeds. 


"It's simple: Contact us and then endorse your check to SexEntertain, and we will instantly double that amount toward our feeds. For example, if your check is for $600, we will give you $1,200 in feeds, or if your check is for $2,000, we will give you $4,000 in feeds and so on. Not only do we help the webmasters stretch their content budget, but we also help our troubled economy at the same time."

The offer will continue through May.


For more information, visit or send email to [email protected].