SexBankRoll's Five Redesigned Sites Boost Affiliate Profits

LOS ANGELES - SexBankRoll, the award-winning adult affiliate program, has announced the redesign of five tours in their high converting portfolio - Hentai Plus, Hentai Collections, Raw Hentai Sex, Dirty Toon Sex and Raw Toon Sex.

SexBankRoll is celebrating these redesigned sites with its $60 Thursday Promotion that pays affiliates $60 dollars for all free trial joins they send.

"These redesigned tours help our affiliates monetize the popular hentai and toon niches. Affiliates will notice an immediate increase in profits when sending to these redesigned tours" said Alan Weeks, vice president of business development for SexBankRoll. "Keep an eye on our $60 Thursday Promotion and watch your profits skyrocket!"

The SexBankRoll $60 Thursday Promotion runs every Thursday and applies to the entire SexBankRoll portfolio of sites.

At SexBankRoll, affiliates enjoy compelling free trial tours, huge payouts and a flexible, accommodating program that not only caters to, but also anticipates, affiliate needs.

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