Sex Pics of Dustin Lance Black Leaked

LOS ANGELES —  It's no secret that the Oscar-winning writer of Milk, Dustin Lance Black, is gay. But having your personal activity, especially when you're not a performer of any kind, leaked in a sex tape — with explicit photos on the website of gossip wag Perez Hilton — is a whole other matter.

According to Web tabloid tattler Hilton, an unknown person said to be "intimately close" to Black, sold the gay XXX pics and a video to the photo agency Starzlife, which is now selling them, though its link appeared to be down Friday afternoon.

Hilton waves a scolding finger at whoever sold out Black and also admonishes any celebrity or famous person for making a sex tape, warning it will be leaked at some point.

But at the same time, Hilton appears to host the photos. Even links referring to uncensored pictures, claiming to come via Starzlife, return on a click back to the main page featuring those photos, which require NO AGE VERIFICATION to see. Perhaps he's never heard of 2257?

The very explicit material shows Black naked, performing oral sex and also on the receiving end of bareback anal sex, including clear shots of the faces of Black and his sex partner.

Hilton could not be reached for comment.

Black also has not commented on the leaked material.