‘Sex’ is Big on the Internet

Let's talk about sex. Better yet, let's search for it on the Internet.


"Sex" has long been a top-searched term on major search engines, but it's not the top keyword in America, according to statistics released by Google. Data from 2004 to the present, available on the Google Trends website, showed "sex" is most often searched by people in Egypt, India and Turkey, in that order.


Words like "porn" weren't in the top searches worldwide, but terms like "Hitler," "Nazi" and "terrorism" were. Again, when it comes to looking up keywords like "porn," Americans aren't leading the way. That word is searched most often in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. In the U.S., the term is searched most by residents of Nevada.


"Porno," however, has Peru, Turkey and Lithuania as top searchers. Florida's Internet users are searching the term most in the U.S.


According to Google's statistics, Americans are the No. 1 searchers for the words "burrito" and "Iraq," but second in searching for "marijuana" and "Tom Cruise" and third for the terms "love" and "hangover."


U.S. residents don't even make the top-10 list for surfers digging for "XXX." The top three spots are held by people in Chile, Romania and Peru.