Seminars At Atlanta Forum Take a New Track

ATLANTA - Tony Morgan, CEO of National Net, the company presenting the first-ever Atlanta Forum, said organizers wanted to take a different tactic when it came to show seminars.

Outside consulting company Fred Pryor Seminars was brought in to oversee and present two tracks of seminars at the sister show to The Phoenix Forum: one geared toward company owners and mangers, the other toward salespeople and webmasters. Seminars conducted Thursday covered negotiating skills, guerilla selling, discipline skills and achieving organizational goals through planning.

Presenter Tony Roberts cautioned attendees during the "How to Bargain and Negotiate with Vendors and Suppliers" to know what they want and what they have to have before entering any bargaining session. He also noted negotiations only work when both parties know what their underlying interests are and know those of their adversaries.

"Otherwise, you can end up with a contract you can regret for years," he said.

The "Criticism and Discipline Skills for Managers" seminar addressed how to deal with problem employees who might be dragging down the morale of other employees, while "Guerilla Selling" informed attendees that "as a master salesperson, the most valuable thing you can do is grow your network."

The Atlanta Forum continues through Saturday. For more information, visit