Sandro Anthonio Takes Over Operations for,

Sandro Anthonio, founder and owner of live video chat system and webmaster program, has taken complete control over the business activities after several months of negotiations.

After four years Anthonio and his business partners decided to terminate their relationship in good standing.

According to Anthonio the dissolving of the relationship was best for everyone.

"Now everyone can focus on their own businesses and interests," he said. "It's difficult to operate a 24/7 business where vision, experience, expectations, feeling and interests are different among all associated partners. Now I can finally focus on our core business and realize all our future plans to expand and improve our business activities."

Because of these developments Anthonio was forced to close down his Amsterdam Voyeur House, including office space, and relocate to a smaller location.

"At this moment we are researching if it's interesting to partner with a company who is also active with online adult entertainment," Anthonio explained.

Currently Anthonio has lowered the minute rates to 20 percent for the member community, increased payouts for webcam performers to 40 percent rev-share and raised studio rev-share to 45 percent.

For more information, visit the and websites, or contact Anthonio at [email protected].