Sam Sugar Sells in Brokerage Deal

LONDON - Sam Sugar announced in April that he had put the domain up for auction on eBay. However the sale did not come until domain broker Charley Chacko noticed the story within the news archives of AVN Online.

"I just happened to see this domain name listed within the AVN Online archives while I was browsing the site," Chacko told AVN Online. "I contacted Sam regarding this domain a few weeks ago and indicated an interest in brokering the deal. I've been in the domain name industry for more than two years and I know many of the potential buyers so I gave it a shot."

Sugar, who has worked in the adult industry, publishing, advertising, film and television, told AVN Online that the domain has been for sale a number of times over the past 2-3 years.

"It was something of a marketing test-bed and had a good degree of success," he said. "The problem was always justifying the work input against the return. Though a "traditional" site would have done well with the domain, I've never been much interested in following other people into a market." 

The domain sale took place last Saturday and was sold for a respectable amount which Chacko regarded as impressive for a three-letter-name.

"I can't disclose the buyer or the selling price due to the Non Disclosure Agreement, but it was a good sell for everyone involved," Chacko said.

Presently Sugar is spending most of his time launching a mainstream business.

"TGPs a time and money-suck," he said. "I was never prepared to give the domain away cheaply and it took some time to find a serious buyer. When one appeared it was the right time to jump and move on."

For more information on brokering domain deals, contact Charley Chacko at [email protected].