‘Safe Eyes Mobile’ Filter Eyes the iPad

ACWORTH, GA—A mobile filtering technology currently in use for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been adapted for use with the iPad, says InternetSafety.com, a Georgia-based company that also produces a desktop version of the parental filter for Macs and PCs.

The new iPad-optimized 1.40 version of Safe Eyes Mobile is currently available in the iTunes store as an app for $19.99. The latest version has a redesigned user interface and tabbed browsing for the iPad.

According to a PCMag blog post, “In addition to blocking objectionable content in 35 categories, the product offers ‘the same pinch-and-tap zoom, bookmarks and built-in Google search as the built-in Safari browser it is designed to replace.’”

Some initial reviews of the software have recognized what might be fatal flaws in the software.

“First of all,” writes Fracking Cylon on the iTunes website, “the filtering features are excellent—allows you to customize and filter in any possible way you want: by category, keyword, and allow or deny specific websites. That part is great.

“The negative aspects of this app are two BIG negatives: (1) Not a stand-alone filter app (like their desktop version) that sets filters for ANY browser you use. This is a filtered browser only, and the settings only work for [its] own browser, so it will not filter Safari for you. (2) A HUGE NEGATIVE—like another reviewer wrote, it won't support the commercial hot spots that need to pop up their login screen to log onto their commercial WI-FI hotspot, so outside of my home Wi-Fi or unprotected Wi-Fi locations, I have not been able to use this browser OR access any other Wi-Fi dependent app, such as the iTunes store, App store, Stocks, Weather, etc!

“That is the ONLY reason I purchased this app—to be able to access protected web surfing and Wi-Fi apps when I'm outside my house or traveling and I don't want to or don't have access to my computer,” concluded Cylon, adding ominously, “Fix item #2 and I'll change my review to 4 stars. Fix item #1 and I will give it 5 stars.”

For more information visit InternetSafety.com.