RyAnne Redd Is Yanks.com August Girl of the Month

SEATTLE—Yanks.com has selected RyAnne Redd as its August 2017 Yanks Girl of the Month.

Each month Yanks showcases one extraordinary amateur talent who shines in her on-screen scenes, earns high model ratings and drives website traffic.

“We are excited to introduce RyAnne as our newest Yanks Girl,” said Todd Spaits, CMO who co-founded of Yanks.com with partner Billie Miller. “She has a positive energy, fresh-faced appeal and openness in front of the camera that fans respond to.”

The all-natural cutie with the flame-haired pixie-cut boasts a nearly-perfect official Yanks.com model rating of 9.91, leaving fans awestruck at her enthusiastic solo performances and exceptional squirting skills.

“Working with director Lily Campbell and the whole Yanks team doesn’t feel like work at all,” said Redd. “I believe many women—in such intimate situations as filming solo scenes—feel incredibly comfortable around a female crew, and that’s what makes Yanks so special.”

“Billie, Lily and I choose each Girl of the Month primarily based on fan reception, and without question - fans absolutely LOVE RyAnne,” said Spaits. “We look forward to shooting more scenes with her in the future.”

For Redd, the feeling is definitely mutual: “I always prefer working with female producers and crews, and my experiences with Yanks have been some of my best work/play experiences by far!"

Visit RyAnne Redd’s official model page at Yanks.com/models/RyAnne and follow her on Twitter @RyAnneRedd.

For more information go to Yanks.com and Twitter.com/yanksgirls.