Ryan Keely Interviews ‘Resident Evil’ Director on IGN.com

LOS ANGELES—Penthouse Pet and self-professed comic book and video game geek Ryan Keely is featured on IGN.com interviewing Resident Evil: Afterlife director Paul W.S. Anderson.

Keely queries the director on filming in 3D, new characters introduced to the series and how to survive the zombie apocalypse as depicted in the movie.

“As a Manhattan resident, my biggest concern is how do I survive the zombie apocalypse in the middle of Manhattan with no gun?” Keely asks.

“I think the answer is very simple,” Anderson says. “Make sure you live next door to Will Smith and he’ll take care of you.”

To view the video clip, click here.

When asked about filming in 3D by Keely, Anderson said that “it’s more work and it’s more fun. It’s certainly more difficult to shoot a movie in 3D. We decided we were going to shoot a movie in 3D using the camera and pace rigs that James Cameron had developed for Avatar. And the reason for that is if we were going to do a 3D Resident Evil movie, it had to be the best possible 3D in the world and that’s what we felt [Cameron] developed. We got some phenomenal results.”

Resident Evil: Afterlife, releasing Sept. 10, is the fourth installment of the series of movies based on the popular video game.

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