Developing 3D Virtual World

LOS ANGELES - Social networking website Rude announced on Tuesday that it is developing an adults-only, multi-user, 3D interactive community named Rude Virtual World.


The community, exclusively for members, is being created in partnership with Utherverse Inc.


"We are really excited to be bringing such a fun and technologically advanced feature to the Rude community," Marketing Director Chandie Foster said. "Working with Utherverse is very exciting, and we are looking forward to watching this project continue to grow for many years to come."


The community will allow users to create 3D virtual identities through which they will socialize.


Rude Virtual World will include nightclubs, strip bars, parks and shopping centers among its public spaces. Merchandise will be sold in stores such as sex-toy shops and intimate-clothing boutiques. The world also will have theaters where users can view new XXX features or vintage films, and will provide a place to engage in anonymous virtual dating and sexual escapades.


"With the ability to anonymously engage in their wildest sexual fantasies, all while in a completely safe and protected virtual environment, we think Rude [Virtual] World is exactly what our members have been looking for," Foster said. "It's simply mind-blowing technology, and we are thrilled to bring it to our community."