Ron Jeremy Joins Cast of 'Billionaire Mafia'

LAS VEGAS - Adult and mainstream film celebrity Ron Jeremy has joined the cast of "Billionaire Mafia"and will appear in a recurring role. 

Jeremy also will be a spokesman for the brand and appear at its major events.   

"It's an honor to have Ron join the family of ‘Billionaire Mafia,'" director Jack Douglas said. "He brings an unmatched level of professionalism, and his character will be unlike any he has ever played before." 

Jeremy said he is really excited about being part of the show. 

"Coming from New York, a show like this is right up my alley," he explained. "As soon as I saw what the show was about and what they are doing, I was immediately interested. My character on the show will be a lot different than what people are expecting." 

"Billionaire Mafia" is about two Mob families, the Costellos and the Fuchs, who are fighting over control of Las Vegas.  

The Fuchs are fashion industry specialists who have started an advertising campaign seeking "gangsters" for their clothing line. A miscommunication puts them at war with the Costellos, who thought Lana Fuchs was the head of a Mob family looking for real gangsters. 

"Ron is a very unique character, and there's a lot we can do with him on the show," said Lana Fuchs, president of the online community Billionaire Mafia. "As soon as we sat down and discussed what we had planned, we both knew it would be a great role for him."