Rock Star Pin-Ups, WAZUPSTL Web Promotions and Design Partner with Teagan Presley

ATLANTA - Rock Star Pin-Ups and the St. Louis-based WAZUPSTL Web Promotions and Design have joined forces with adult starlet Teagan Presley to create the first Blu-ray-centric adult review site, Adult Blu Review

Launching officially later this fall, Adult Blu Review will feature text reviews of the latest Blu-ray releases from Digital Playground, as well as other major studios. Additionally, the site will offer adult news, feature content and a full-blown message board, which is currently available. Adult Blu Review also will showcase 100 percent free video reviews with real porn stars - an industry first.

"Currently I have the one video review and three text reviews as a preview to give fans a taste of what's to come," Presely told AVN Online. "Additionally, I will moderate the message board and participate in threads just like I do at XXX Porn Talk and Adult DVD Talk. I am a big poster as everyone knows."

Presley and her boyfriend, CEO and Publisher for Rock Star Pin-Ups Josh Lehman, decided to launch Adult Blu Review in order to give her friends and fans fresh material.

"I was already reviewing adult Blu-ray discs on Josh's mainstream movie review site and we received a huge response, so launching this site seemed like a logical step," Presley said.

Presley has upped her game quite a bit since her first three text reviews by doing a fully nude and interactive video review of Digital Playground's new Naked Aces 5 featuring contract star Riley Steele.

"I never really watched porn before, I had only performed in front of the camera," Presley said. "I figured I am a better porn actress if I envelop myself in adult, so I started watching them recently for fun, and now I remember why I used to masturbate and get all horny when I watched ‘Skinemax' and ‘Taxi Cab Confessions' when I was younger. I think I am more or less an ‘expert' when it comes to porn, so reviewing is one of many logical steps you will see me take."

Presley's video review of Naked Aces 5 is completely unscripted, more than 20 minutes long and was done with one take. Her video review features full-on masturbation, including anal -- something Presley's fans have come to expect.

"I will continue to do the text reviews, but I want to do more video reviews as well," Presley explained. "I love being sexual in front of the camera. I wasn't a big masturbator until recently and now I can't get enough of myself. The text reviews are cool, but video reviews are HOT!"

Lehman told AVN Online that he perceived the video reviews with Presley as a means by which to engage the fan and eliminate boredom. 

"Most guys don't really want to read a review by a dude," he said. "I don't like to watch porn with my guy friends, and I certainly don't want to hear them review one. With Teagan you get raw sexuality and it comes through on screen in an ‘in-your-face' way. It makes me want to run out and pick up this movie that has this porn star so hot."  

The site will be updated with one or two new video reviews a week from Presley. Other adult stars will join in with their own reviews during the next few weeks.

"I have several big name girls who are my friends, and some who you wouldn't expect me to work with that will be posting their own video and text reviews," Presley stated. "Sometimes we will even review together. We will be announcing them officially over the next few weeks."

Adult Blu Review is free to any and all fans and is the only place on the Web where one can see brand-new, uncensored action with Presley and her friends without having to subscribe to a site or buy her new DVD. 

"Many of my fans thought I was retiring from the business when I announced I wasn't doing boys anymore," Presley added. "I definitely have not retired. I am changing directions and people are going to see me doing some of the stuff they loved about me. I have a whole new slew of exciting things to come."

Presley didn't want to alienate herself from porn, but she wanted to grow as a person and focus on future projects.

"People can count on me to continue to titillate them," she said. "I want to do more behind-the-scenes stuff like directing and doing a television show on a major network sometime soon." 

Adult Blu Review is currently live with a fully functional message board, Presley's video review of Naked Aces 5 and her three text reviews. The full site will launch later this fall, but fans will be able to enjoy the new video reviews each and every week until launch.

All reviews and upcoming videos will be fully iPhone and iPod Touch compatible.