Riley Reid Promotes ReidMyLips Relaunch With L.A. Billboards

LOS ANGELES—Porn superstar Riley Reid now peers down at Los Angelenos from a bright yellow billboard near the corner of Hillhurst Avenue and Los Feliz Boulevard just east of Hollywood, in a clever, high-concept advert promoting her newly relaunched official website 

"Reid Everyday" the billboard proclaims beside a picture of a bespectacled Reid looking up from a book. An identical billboard is slated to go up next week on Melrose Avenue.

"I'm just trying to grow my brand," Reid told AVN. "I relaunched my website so it's a better platform now, and I'm trying to get all the publicity about it I can!"

Explaining that the site's new design was fostered by a partnership with website management developer Elevated X, Reid said she enountered no roadblocks putting up the high-profile ads, despite the explicit nature of the online destination they promulgate.

"No problems at all," she attested. "I mean, we just tried to avoid it being too hyper-sexual. I wanted it to draw attention to an array of audiences."

A lot of planning went into this minimalist approach, Reid related. "I have been working on putting a billboard together for quite a few months," she said, "even before Evil Angel did their billboard." She was referring by the latter to the five-screen digital billboard Evil Angel commissioned in New York City's Times Square last October in promotion of Reid's blowout star showcase I Am Riley, which went on to walk away from the 2020 AVN Awards with trophies for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene and Best Double-Penetration Sex Scene. 

"I was afraid that maybe Evil would think that I was trying to copy them or something," Reid continued. "I had been wanting to do a billboard for a while because I felt like it would be a helpful way to signify the adult industry growing further beyond just the internet. I wanted to help bring porn back to how it used to be. Showcasing myself and my website in the form of a billboard I thought would help bring a sense of attention that has been lacking in the adult industry."

She further noted, "I thought that if I can showcase myself and my website in a way that captures attention without being sexually provocative, it would have the ability to reach the greater audience. So I decided to use one of my favorite images of myself that isn't hyper-sexualized, which is me reading a book that is actually the Holy Bible. Though you cannot tell it's the Holy Bible from the photo, I know it is. And I thought with the play on words that I use within my website, to do so as well on the billboard and say "Reid every day," [it would] signify a positive influence of reading, which I think is great for the human mind, and not enough of us actually read books. But also a cute play on words with using myself as Riley Reid and consuming a little bit of Riley Reid every day."

Reid said that the billboard company was "more than willing to work with me. They were excited and were extremely helful with creating the billboard with me and for me. And in fact Evil Angel was kind enough to allow me to use the artist that they used for their billboard to make sure that mine was up to par. I'm very excited to see the turnaround. I've had multiple fans as well as friends sending me videos of the billboard."

She added that the response she's aiming to elicit is "for people to see it as a billboard of maybe fashion or a billboard of a person who is positively encouraging you without you realizing it is sexually driven."

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