RhinoPays Launches New Close-up Site, Dflowered.com

MONTREAL - Rhino Pays has announced the launch of its new close-up site Dflowered.com, which features hot babes from around the world.

The all-exclusive content is shot in high-definition and showcases solo-girl masturbation in unique angles with extreme close-ups. The site offers large-dildo insertions, fisting and anal play, with regular updates, extra screen caps, exclusive wallpapers and bonus site access.

"We put a lot of energy into this site," Mario B. of Rhino Pays said. "We focused a lot of attention on the quality and quantity of the content. Our photographer travelled the world in search of gorgeous women to capture on camera, and we feel his work can easily be categorized as fine art."

Additionally, the site tour updates in chorus with the member's area, and ad tools are made available to promote the site.

Dflowered.com currently operates under the NATS, CCBill and Epoch/MPA3 programs. 

"We plan to roll out the new NATS 4.0 interface next week," Mario B. said. "Keep an eye out for the launch of some new micro-fetish sites and multi-babe sites."