Red States Ready for AEBN's 'RealTouch'

CHARLOTTE N.C. -- AEBN chief Scott Coffman thinks his company's soon-to-be -released RealTouch product will go over big in "red states."

Coffman's comments come following a recent study on Internet porn consumption in so-called "red states" and "blue states."

"We may not agree on a national healthcare program or how to handle the economic crisis, but we all like sex," he said.

The study, "Red Light States: Who Buys Online Adult Entertainment," was recently issued, conducted by Benjamin Edelman, assistant professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School. The report found more adult content is consumed in politically conservative and religious Republican-entrenched red states such as Utah and Mississippi than in Democrat stronghold blue states, but ultimately, all states are devouring porn online at a steady rate.

This bodes well for AEBN's spring launch of its RealTouch product for men. The system, which integrates and synchronizes encoded adult video content with a unit that delivers realistic tactile sensations to the penis, simulating the warmth, moistness and variable friction of a real sexual encounter, the company has said.

According to Coffman advance inquiries are coming in from all over the country, but those red states leads the way, just as they do when it comes to AEBN's video-on-demand offerings.

"Professor Edelman's findings are right on the mark," he said.  "The numbers for our VOD and download products are consistently higher in red states and we expect sales for RealTouch to mirror that. "Perhaps conservatives need a little more help relaxing."

For more on Edelman's study, see's report "Surprise! Conservatives Need Porn Too!"

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