Red Light District Launches Affiliate Program

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Red Light District announced Wednesday that it has launched its Red Light Revenue affiliate program.

In addition to its main tour site, Club Red Light, Red Light Revenue offers six niche sites and one co-branded site, Red Light District Live. The program pays up to $35 per sign-up and offers a 60-percent revenue share; payouts are made twice monthly by check, ePassporte or wire.

The program features more than 1300 tour pages, an RSS feed carrying updates on video offerings, a gallery-building tool with built-in thumbnail gallery post (TGP) reciprocal links, downloadable hardcore photos and videos, porn-star biographies and links to stars, movies and genres.

"Red Light Revenue maximizes your earning potential by adopting a free-video site model as part of our tour," said Laurel Hertz, Red Light Revenue's Internet marketing director. "Our flagship tour, Club Red Light, is stickier than the average website."

Jon Berg, Red Light District's vice president of Internet operations, said the company "put a lot of time and effort into building a state-of-the-art affiliate program."

Berg said Red Light District plans to simultaneously release titles online and on DVD.

In the coming months, the company will hold promotional contests for Red Light Revenue affiliates; prizes are set to include electronics and vacation packages valued at $2,000.