RealTouch Adds Joslyn James Footage

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—RealTouch, the high-tech personal pleasure device that gives men virtually the same sensation adult movie actors are experiencing in their films, has added footage starring Joslyn James, the porn star who said she had a three-year fling with Tiger Woods.

"Everyone has been curious about Tiger's relationships with his alleged paramours, and here's a chance for guys to have virtually the same experience he had when he may have been with Ms. James," said Scott Rinaldo, RealTouch product manager. 

The RealTouch device synchronizes in real time with the action in a video the user is watching, delivering all the warmth, moistness and relative motion of an authentic sexual encounter. It is marketed by AEBN, the leading VOD (Video On Demand) company.

In interviews, James claimed Woods twice made her pregnant during their long-term relationship. She has also said she is ready to tell more about their time together and she did that last week by revealing text messages that Tiger sent to her at

"We have excerpted some very hot scenes from some of James' most popular movies," Rinaldo said, including the new Tiger Tamer from Mercenary Pictures, so anyone who watches these clips with their RealTouch will get a chance to virtually feel what Tiger could have felt.”

RealTouch was developed by a NASA engineer and uses haptic technology to simulate the action on the video the user is watching. The system's piracy-proof entertainment is a complement to AEBN, which streams more than a million hours of online adult video each month.

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