Raven Riley Retires From Adult Industry

LOS ANGELES - Adult entertainer Raven Riley has confirmed rumors of her immediate departure from the industry. 

Thomas Leach, owner of affiliate program jaYMan Cash, made the announcement Friday on industry discussion board GFY.com.

Although no official documents have been signed, Riley has said she is leaving the adult industry for good. 

"Models leave the industry every day, and their reasons are always varied," Leach told AVN Online. "Although we may never know the precise reasons Raven chose to leave, based on the conversations we have had, I believe her reasons are highly personal." 

Leach said Riley's announcement initially came as a shock. 

"To be honest, I initially felt like it was a betrayal of our friendship," he said. "That said, our company's future will always be brighter than any one site. Therefore, we simply wish her the best and plan to move on to bigger and better projects." 

Leach said in his GFY thread that nothing else will change for webmasters and members. 

"Thankfully, our affiliates have been more than understanding and supportive," he said. "They seem to understand that not only will we continue to provide new marketing materials for RavenRiley.com, but that our new and future projects are equally innovative and exciting." 

RavenRiley.com will remain live with content updates, and jaYMan Cash will continue to strengthen its roster of exclusive, personality-based, community-driven sites, Leach said. 

"The future is bright," he added. "Any good owner needs to plan for contingencies. I believe that any effect on the company will be a positive one. 

"Change is often hard, yet it is also good. We expect RavenRiley.com to continue to operate and do well for the foreseeable future. We have a library of content for updates, so the only difference will be with respect to the live interaction." 

To new customers, the updates will remain fresh for more than two years due to the rotation of content in and out of the system, Leach said. 

"For the many customers who have been with us since day one, we have content updates for the future, depending on how often we decide to update," he said. 

Leach added that jaYMan Cash will continue to aggressively promote RavenRiley.com. 

"2008 has been our best year yet, and RavenRiley.com continues to enjoy rock-solid conversions," he said. "It is and will continue to be in our best interests to fully promote her site with the same vigor as always." 

KatVixen.com, LizVicious.com and LadyboyCrush.com among the other sites under the jaYMan Cash program. 

"I expect each site to continue to do as well, if not better, than they always have," Leach said. "If anything, this exposure will allow some of the new sites and acquisitions we have coming to enjoy a bit of a jump start." 

In addition to her performances, Riley assisted with member support at jaYMan Cash to help promote the flagship site.