Raven Alexis Productions Debuts New Site Arsenal

LAS VEGAS—The reality-based media production group centered on Digital Playground star Raven Alexis has debuted multiple redesigned websites under its banner today.

The site rollout has been building up to a crescendo capped by today’s launch of “secret site” NevermoreNaughty.com. 

The Raven Alexis Productions properties that underwent an overhaul include her official site, RavenAlexis.com, and the corresponding affiliate program, RavenAlexisCash.com. NevermoreNaughty.com functions as Alexis’ retail presence.

The ambitious Alexis not only intends to use her redesigned, robust platform as her official web presence, but also to innovate the reality porn genre.

“I plan to pioneer the future of reality media, and in so doing, change the way people view and ultimately perceive sexuality in the media,” Alexis said. “What is commonly referred to as porn, smut, or some other inaccurate derogatory term is in reality quite a natural thing. And unlike the depravity of violence, racism, homophobia, or any of a litany of more egregious sins that are displayed nightly in the mainstream media, sexuality, and the sundry facets and nuances of its inherent variety, is something I believe most of us hope to enjoy or experience at some point in life.”

RavenAlexis.com will explore the star’s everyday life and provide members an inside, true look at her daily activities; RavenAlexisProductions.com is her corporate site that focuses on news and information about the star and her online offerings; RavenAlexisCash.com is a full-service webmaster program that offers banners, links, galleries and more in order for webmasters to market Alexis’ official site. The program is offering a special 75 percent payout for all affiliates that sign up this month. After this month, revshare pays out 50 percent.

With NevermoreNaughty.com in place, Alexis has struck partnerships with Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear, Digital Playground novelties and other adult product vendors to sell its wares on the site.

"While all of those sites are very exciting to me, I think the site that may provide the most exciting opportunities for growth and collaboration going forward is the new storefront at NevermoreNaughty.com,” Alexis said. “The site is starting small intentionally as we finalize contracts and agreements with various vendors, and I am very excited about some of what we already have online.”

For more information about Raven Alexis Productions’ online properties, call Director of Marketing John Mosko at (702) 648-0046, or email [email protected].