Radio Dentata Launches Uncensored ‘Radio with Teeth’

LOS ANGELES - is on the air - and breathing life and common sense into talk radio.

Featuring 24/7 totally uncensored interviews, political rants, def poetry, site reviews, art, literature, sex, soul, and rock 'n' roll, the estrogen-fueled minds behind Radio Dentata are on a mission to empower adults - including those fortunate enough to be female.

Hosts like Darklady, Essen Em, and the ex-priest known as Dr. Dick speak openly and honestly on matters sexual and political because Radio Dentata's founders believe that adults deserve to be talked to like adults. As the website reminds, "Just because it's for adults, doesn't mean it's porn." blurs the lines between the mainstream and the pornographic, broadcasting from an audio wonderland where creativity and passion meet reason and articulation; a world where "all things in life are erotic - and the Erotic is Power."

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