Pure Taboo Explores A Day in the Life of a Sex Robot

MONTREAL, QC—Sex robots have been all over the news as of late, so Pure Taboo is bringing the daily grind (no pun intended) of robot sex work to life in the latest episode of its Future Darkly series, "The Love Hotel," out now exclusively at PureTaboo.com.

According to a plot synopsis supplied by the company, in the not-so-distant future, a beautiful, eerily lifelike android named #30562 (Emily Willis) begins her shift at the hotel, and viewers follow her work day as she bathes and views her schedule on a holographic virtual touch screen.

 “Thank you, your tokens have been accepted,” intones an overhead voice as #30562 accepts payment from her returning clients, which include Steve Holmes, Charles Dera and Penny Pax in three separate scenes.

Written by Bree Mills and directed by Mills and Craven Moorehead, "The Love Hotel" offers a glimpse of “self-destructing robots in a sophisticated, futuristic version of the sex robot brothels that are opening around the world. When you’re watching this episode it feels so far away and advanced, but actually, we are already here.”

The trailer and full feature are available here. The first four installments of the Future Darkly series,"ARTIFAMILY," "The White Room," "Don’t Panic! and "Smart House of Horrors" are available now at PureTaboo.com.

Fans may go to PureTaboo.com’s official cast page to find out more about "The Love Hotel" stars Emily Willis and Penny Pax.

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