Prostitution on Twitter?

LONDON -- Tweeting about the world's oldest profession, a Brit brothel is advertising its services on Twitter, at least until it's told to stop.

UK tabloid The Sun discovered the House of Divine, rather than tooting its own horn, was tweeting its own horniness.

Located in the district of Milton Keynes, the Twitter account DivineMK tweeted in one message that Lucia and Karol (presumably girls of the house) were working on Sunday, while another tweet promoted a "Twitter Discount" with a password, reports the Guardian newpaper.

Typically, a government official was quick to comment. Member of Parliament Julia Goldsworthy called the use of Twitter for sex ads "cynical and inappropriate." The Guardian, however, noted that Goldsworthy didn't choose to strike back on her own Twitter account, which she has, nor on her website.

As noted by TechDirt, once officials are through attacking Craigslist for enabling prostitution, they'll probably, sooner rather than later, turn attention to hooker tweeting via Twitter.

None of it should come as any surprise. From free, weekly papers to business cards on windshields to emails, Web malls and now, Twitter, escort businesses will always find a away to get the word out.

A Twitter representative was not available for comment.