Prostitute/Performer Arrested in Murder of Florida Man

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla.—A Georgia prostitute who also shot sex scenes for adult online producers has been arrested by Florida police, charged with first-degree murder for the bludgeoning and stabbing death of the owner of a tattoo parlor.

According to, “Amanda Logue (pictured) of Leesburg, Ga., was arrested Friday and [is] being extradited to Florida, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said. She is accused of killing Dennis ‘Scooter’ Abrahamsen, 41, owner of Embellishing Tattoo & Piercing, 8516 State Road 52 in Hudson.” After the killing, according to police, Logue fled to Georgia, where she lives with her husband.

Logue also was known to perform under the name Sunny Dae, and had recently shot scenes for The scenes for the website were reportedly shot before the May 16 murder of Abrahamsen.

According to police, Abrahamsen was killed after a videotaped sex party. “Detectives focused on Logue because a couple who had had videotaped sex with she and Abrahamsen the night of the killing said Logue was the only person left with Abrahamsen when they departed,” reported “The couple told detectives that Logue repeatedly sent text messages to a boyfriend while at Abrahamsen's house.”

Abrahamsen was found face down on a massage table, his head crushed, and he had been stabbed in the back. A sheriff’s report said that about $6,000 had been taken from Abrahamsen's home, as well as a laptop computer, a video camera, a digital camera and a Home Depot credit card, which was subsequently used.

Police interviewed Logue in her Georgia home, where she admitted to having a role in the killing. She said, however, that her boyfriend, Jason Andrews, was responsible for the actual murder, saying he had entered Abrahamsen’s home after the other couple had left but while she was still there.

According to, the police retrieved cell phone text messages between Logue and Andrews exchanged while she was still at Abrahamsen’s.

"I'm so glad you're really committed to this take," Andrews wrote. "Keep eyes for a knife, etc for me!

Logue texted she wanted to have sex "after we kill him."

Andrews asked if Logue had seen "the contents of the safe." She said no.

"You just get him relaxed and face down," Andrews said, referring to the massage table. She texted later that she was about to start the massage.

According to an AVN source, Andrews used Abrahamsen’s Home Depot card after the murder. The source said he was arrested on a separate $67 shoplifting charge but said the police didn't know about the murder at the time of the arrest. reported that Andrews was arrested May 17 on the shoplifting charge and that police have also interviewed him since, but have not yet filed any charges against him in connection with the murder. Sheriff’s spokesperson Kevin Doll told that it is possible they will want to speak with him again.

The AVN source said the producers were aware of and had met Logue’s boyfriend, presumably Andrews, and said that at first he had seemed to accept her involvement with the hardcore website.

“He was actually okay the first time they came by,” the source told AVN. “After that, he started getting more possessive and started limiting what she could do for shoots.”

According to the source, Logue participated in one shoot for the site, but that a second shoot was canceled when the boyfriend learned that it would involve oral sex. He canceled the shoot, the source said, and it was after that that things got strange.

One night, the source told AVN, the boyfriend (again, presumably Andrews) showed up at the shooting location for the website, where he sat outside alone in his car for hours. Logue was not at the location at the time, but the source said it seemed apparent that he thought she was. Finally, the source left the location with a friend and “one of our dogs and walked right next to the guy to let him know we were also part of the house and knew he was sitting watching it. He drove off after that.”

Understandably, the source said they were all shaken after hearing about the homicide, Logue’s admission and Andrews’ possible involvement.

Without commenting on Andrews’ culpability for Abrahamsen’s murder, or the ultimate motive behind the killing, the source had a perhaps obvious observation (and warning) for anyone involved in the creation of adult content.

“You can't have jealous tendencies if your girlfriend performs porn,” the source said.