Private Media Group Announces Promotions

BARCELONA, Spain - Private Media Group Inc. has promoted Tim Clausen and Fiona Garvey to vice-president positions.


The company promoted Clausen from director of wireless technology to vice president of sales, and promoted Garvey from director of Internet to vice president of online media. The promotions are a strategic move to place Clausen and Garvey in key executive positions for the implementation of Private Media Group's future business plans, a company representative said in a news release.


Clausen will work to expand the company's IPTV business through new territorial deals all over the world.


"My goals are to increase both traditional DVD sales along with new digital platforms by providing the consumer with genre-led content along with big Private blockbuster movies," he said.


Clausen joined Private Media Group in May 2005, after working for T-Mobile International, and has been responsible for building the company's wireless business. To date, Clausen has made Private content accessible on 783 million mobile handsets in 35 countries and helped the company become a leading provider in the global adult mobile content business.


Garvey will oversee the development of the and an expanded online strategy that will include online licensing.


"Our online strategy includes introducing niche sites, setting up a true European [video-on-demand] site, improving our flagship site, growing our community and social networks, and expanding into the virtual worlds," she said. "To do this, we will be developing strategic partnerships with third parties to expand our online offering, both from a content and technical perspective."


Garvey has worked at Private for six years. After two years as customer-service director, she was promoted to Internet director and began working to grow the company's online and Internet-licensing business.