Priscila Magossi: The Power of Models in the Camming Community

What is a Camgirl's Job After All?

Well, the answer depends on the interest that each person has. Not only that, but also when. If you are talking about the beginning of this business or nowadays. I am not a model anymore but I intend to continue on their side through the New Camming Perspective.

When this business started, a model's job was... to be a model! Being recognized and treated according to the job which was limited to:

(1) having her own equipment;

(2) dressing up properly;

(3) interacting with her members in the private room;

(4) making sure they would come back to the platform.

In business terms, all of this means that the cam sites'd responsibility was to bring traffic to the models while the girls' job was to keep this traffic at the site. In personal terms, being a model has always meant being able to manage a double life and the emotional consequences that come with this choice. After all, if social prejudice weren’t such an obvious reality, everyone would not be hiding behind stage names, would they?

Times have changed. The sites' expectations about the models have increased and on top of that, a model has to do all that has been mentioned here before, as well as the following:

(1) The models are supposed to convert free members into paying ones, while entertaining them on Free Live Chat;

(2) What’s more, she must know how to manage social media, which means exposing herself online and off-line, in order to bring in and retain new customers on the platforms.

(3) Investing her own money attending summits, and interacting with the industry people to keep up with the market trends

This shows us that a model's life nowadays is a multiple burden. Nevertheless, she is neither learning to be a webmaster nor being recognized for being a social influencer or even treated as an exec at the events.

All this is the model’s role; her “duty” to be successful in the market. Interesting! And what is the role of the platform nowadays?

If its function has been reduced to just a middleman between the method of payment and the model, how can they demand the model fly the cam-site flag and pay homage to their reps? Honestly, I do not see a problem in being a middleman; this is a relevant role. The issue arises from demanding recognition for tasks that are not even being done by them anymore. If there is a need for acknowledging these feats, they must be carried out by whom would like to be regarded for them.

After this brief assessment, it can be concluded that a model has a very powerful role in the scene and that it is not being spoken about. On the contrary, in my recent experience as an exec, what I could notice was a devaluation of this power.

Why Build Connections?

Since the role of the New Camming Perspective is to fight against oppression in the scene, let me try to explain why I believe building connections might be the most efficient strategy to maximize a model's earnings, ensure market stability and promote (real) female empowerment in camming.

Considering the current scenario of the camming adult industry—full of oppression, demands and lack of recognition in so many different job position—the New Camming Perspective proposes a powerful strategy for the models to have a more independent workflow and, very likely, healthier. This is called "Building Connections."

Human connection is defined by the emotional bond that a person develops with another one. This bond surpasses the physical constraints of sexual stimuli, one that can end as quickly as an orgasm and can be replaced by any other (why not a younger one this time, or a more attractive one next time?).

The relationship between two people is determined by the agents who engage in this exchange. Regarding the video chat dynamics, the relation takes place between a model and a member. Keeping this in mind, and knowing what to do allows a camgirl to depend less on the middlemen (the platforms), who many times direct the traffic to suit their own interests.

If you are a model, you might be asking yourself: "can I make a living only from regular customers?"

Yes, you can!

In fact, that's how I spent most of my eight years in the business as #1 ImLive model (2010-2018): working only in private mode, without any Free Live Chat, just dealing with regulars that treated me with respect and dignity. That is, not at all different than what I deserve. Neither is different than what you should expect for yourself.

However, it is likely that they want to make you believe in the opposite, that you will only succeed if you expose yourself excessively, if you submit to anything, if you pay homage to an oppressing representative, if you pretend that you are horny all the time.

If it's possible to do differently, why do they tell you that's the only way?

Simply put, because it's not anybody's interest, but only yours, that you believe in yourself, save face, think for yourself, question what doesn't make sense, develop a sense of critical thought, and, finally, that you empower yourself and captivate your members for your own benefit. Therefore, do not be afraid, because you are much more capable to handle the situation than you think you are. Keep in mind, the relationship with member is with you, not with the platform.

Regarding this matter, one day I heard from an exec in the industry that “I was not much more than a model." I believe his intention was to offend me. But, taking into account that the routine of a model currently (1) encompasses more than duties, (2) generates much more money, and (3) offers more stability in the market than many exec positions, what he told me, in fact, was a compliment. What is really derogatory is to be an oppressive exec, who humiliates others in order to promote himself.

Final Considerations

Aside from my personal passion for the topic, the New Camming Perspective is part of my post-Ph.D. project of research, which is under the supervision of one of the most respected academics in my country (Brazil): Dr. Eugênio Trivinho. For this reason, my selection criteria for the industry's partnerships are extremely serious and cautious, focused primarily on human values.

So, at this moment, I would like to point out that I chose to write this article for AVN for my personal admiration for the chief-editor, Dan Miller, who has been supporting my work since my first seminar at the Webmaster Access in 2016. Thank you and congratulations for being who you are in both, professional and personal terms.


About the Author

Dr. Priscila Magossi is a journalist (Mackenzie-SP/Brazil, 2002-2005), with a Master’s degree (2006-2008) and a Ph.D. (2010-2014) in Communication and Semiotics (PUC-SP/Brazil). Since she has started her journey in the communication field, she has been studying the impacts of the Mass Media and the Cyberculture in the post-modern society, focusing primarily on the social bonds dynamics.

Regarding her main activities in the camming industry, Dr. Magossi is the author of the New Camming Perspective: a formal study about camming that also looks into the porn industry, the mainstream media, and social behavior in order to draw conclusions.

This new approach for understanding camming is centered on the main concepts of (1) Building Connections between models and members through the (2) Social Aspect of Camming, which is only possible to be developed when in touch with access to the (3) Social Traffic.

The goal of this project is to maximize profit, retain return customers, offer better working conditions and female empowerment.