Princess Donna Undergoes's 'Training of O'

SAN FRANCISCO - Princess Donna, veteran dominant and webmaster of hardcore girl-girl electro-play site, recently traded her stilettos for a slave collar to undergo training as a slave.


The result, a four-day odyssey through director James Mogul's slave training program, features Princess Donna's first on-camera boy-girl sex. The first of four episodes goes live Friday, and three more updates will appear in the coming weeks.


At, experienced submissives and porn stars undergo a rigorous program created to push their boundaries and challenge them in unexpected ways. The program re-educates the trainees in the classic slave-training mold showcased in erotic novels such as The Story of O, which is referenced in the site's name.


To make Princess Donna's four-day flip from top to bottom the kind of boundary-pushing enterprise the site is known for, the domme, who primarily plays on-camera with women, performed in her first boy-girl sex scene.


"I'm excited that she asked to do it on The Training of O in a BDSM context," Mogul said. "She really pushed the limits of how hard we can play. Donna's a hard player, and she requires really hard play to get off. She's hardcore, and she has to have it hardcore. She totally gave it up for us. It's great stuff. I'm really happy."


Asked why she chose The Training of O as the venue for her first boy-girl performance, Donna said the site was the first to "have enough hardcore BDSM to entice me into shooting a boy-girl scene."


"I love girls, boys, transgender boys and girls, and everybody in between," said Donna, who identifies herself as "queer."


Donna also has performed as a submissive in a variety of contexts, including several of The Training of O's sister sites at its parent company, fetish erotica studio But there's no question that Mogul's rigorous slave training program was a different experience altogether.


"I had so much fun," Donna said. "It got really dirty and rough, just the way I like it. It was amazing, and I'd do it again tomorrow! But next time, I'd do it for a month instead of a week.


"It's the intense, extended nature of The Training of O that attracted me to the site. It is one thing to sub for a day here or there, but the idea of subbing every day for a week is more exciting to me. I love extremes, so when I go for something, I go all the way."


The sole female star included was Lorelei Lee, who took a rare turn holding Donna's leash. Lee, who has performed extensively as a sub to Donna and knows her well off screen, was a specific request of the dominant-turned-trainee.


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