Priceless Films Unleashing ‘SODS’ in March

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Priceless Films has announced a new animated adult series, SODS, available for download in March 2009 to computers and mobile phones.

The new show follows the adventures of four vigilantes and their pet slug, and is filled with extreme action, sex and violence.

The first season will feature 25 five-minute episodes, distributed by European mobile website Mobile Sumo.

Each episode will be distributed with an accompanying video game that can be played on mobile phones and the Ninetendo Wii. A European cable deal is also in the works.

"SODS is our pet project that we have been working on over the past year" said company co-owner Dug Price.

Partner and brother, Tom Price, added, "Unlike other studios who simply repackage Hentai animation or other CG content, we created everything from scratch with our own team in Hollywood."

Priceless Films was formed in 2005 and creates exclusive content for both adult and mainstream studios. Priceless Films was previously nominated for an AVN animation award for Bikini Teens from Outer Space.

For more about SODS and other content, visit the Priceless Films site or email