Pushes Taboo Envelope With 'Indirect Relations'

MONTREAL—Gamma Films shingle releases a new scene today that it says marks the beginning of a darker, edgier direction for the brand's trademark taboo relations-themed content.

Titled Indirect Relations, the scene was co-directed by Pretty Dirty founder Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead, and takes the typical "family role play" fantasy of most taboo fare a step further by centering on a father (Derrick Pierce) with actual sexual designs on his own daughter (Kristen Scott), which he sets out to realize the only legal way possible—via a role play re-enactment using stand-ins Michael Vegas and Nina North.

"I like to think of my new direction as the Law & Order of porn," Mills explained. "We've taken an approach that fans will not associate with any other adult content they've seen."

Mills said the story of Indirect Relations was so hard-hitting, its cast had a hard time bringing the material to life.

Concurred Pierce, "I won't ever forget shooting this scene ... for better or worse! This scene will always be in my head. Bree's mind is so twisted that she even made me pause ... and I'm fucked up!"

"Indirect Relations is by far the edgiest scene I have done to date," Vegas added. "When Bree told me how far she was going to push this scene, I knew it would be something special." He went on to note that the scene was "so intense that the acting was minimal and the reacting was real."

"This scene is meant to be an example of the next chapter for us," Mills said, "reaching beyond the joke that many studios make of family role play porn, and feeding into the deep and obsessive taboo fantasies shared by serious fans of the genre. Pretty Dirty members should expect to see a lot of changes coming over the next few months, as we shift toward delivering on this new vision. I can't wait to see what buttons we can push!"

For her part, Scott affirmed, "This was the most twisted scene I've ever been a part of."

Indirect Relations is available now on and will release shortly on other select VOD platforms.

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