Premium Domain Values Increased 59 Percent in 2007

LOS ANGELES - According to DNJournal, the median price in the top 100 domain sales reported in 2006 and 2007 rose from $124,000 in 2006 to $197,500 in 2007, a 59.27 percent increase.


Domain values reportedly increased by at least 59 percent in 2007 for owners of LLL (three-letter) domains. This is true for many top generic domains, as well those whose sales remained private or failed to meet the $100,000 requirement for inclusion in the top 100 list.


According to the Daily Domainer, only 33 domains (31 percent) of the 105 highest-priced domains sold in 2007 actually have been developed or properly redirected. Of those 33 domains, three are affiliate sites, 10 are abandoned or claim to be under construction, four don't resolve, and 55 (52.58 percent) display pay-per-click ads.


The top nine domain sales in 2007, according to the Daily Domainer, include,,,,,,, and